dreamstime_xxl_36432945When you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you might be wondering what the different factors are that determine what your rates are going to be. Here are three of the top reasons that might affect your rates.

Construction of your home – What’s more flammable, wood or stone? Yep, the bones of your home matter when you’re looking at home insurance quotes. Once a house with a wooden frame catches fire, it’s more likely to keep burning, while a fire in the kitchen of a brick house might stay in the kitchen. Log homes, as beautiful as they are, carry some of the highest home insurance costs, not only because they’re made of wood but also because they’re so difficult to replace…how do you replace logs that were originally chosen because of how perfectly they fit into other logs?

Age of your home – As you might guess, an older home is more likely to have problems. Pipes are more likely to cause problems, appliances might cause leaks, roofs become weaker with each passing year. For this reason, new construction tends to have lower home insurance premiums than older homes.

Location: Location can affect your homeowners insurance premiums for many reasons. First, it matters if you’re in a wildfire zone (or, in other places around the country, in earthquake territory or hurricane areas). It can also affect you because of your distance from fire hydrants or a fire department. Your neighborhood can also play a factor.

Home insurance is something everyone needs, so we try to make it as easy and affordable as possible. When you’re looking for home insurance quotes in the Rapid City and Spearfish areas, give us a call.