dreamstime_xxl_30539067We talked before about the most common things that affect your home insurance rates. These included the type of house you have, the age of it, and where your home is, such as whether it has adequate access to fire protection services and if it’s in an area where something is more likely to happen to it.

Those aren’t the only aspects that determine how your home insurances quotes will be determined. Here are a few more

Claims in your area – Whenever something big happens — whether it’s a natural disaster like a tornado or something as simple as a bad hail storm — a good percentage of the people in your area will be making claims. When that happens, everyone’s rates will go up to offset that extraordinary payout by the insurance companies.

Personal claims – It’s true what they say…if you can avoid making a claim, it’s best to do so. The more claims you make, the more your rates will be. So if a hail storm damages your window screens, it’s going to be better to spend the $40 at Home Depot for the materials than to make a claim.

Your deductible – When you make a claim there will be a deductible, which is part of the claim that you’re responsible for. Your rates can be lower if you choose a higher deductible.

Your other coverage – When you bundle your homeowners insurance with addition plans, including health insurance or auto insurance, you’ll most likely receive a rebate.

Of course, the best way to get home insurance quotes is to stop by or call us at our Spearfish or Rapid City offices. We’ll make sure to find you the homeowners insurance you need!