The Best Auto Insurance Quotes Take More Than 15 MinutesLet’s say you call up the local pizza place and order a pizza for delivery. It’s fast, they get you the meal you want, and it doesn’t cost much.

Now let’s say that it didn’t quite satisfy…maybe it was a bit overcooked, or they missed one of the toppings. The delivery guy has driven away, and you’ll probably just eat it and let it go. After all, it’s not much money and it’s just one meal, right? You’ll get over it.

Our point is, when you call up for something fast and cheap, it’s okay if you don’t get exactly what you want. But when you’re dealing with something like car insurance that’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars a year, you shouldn’t mind spending a few extra minutes to make sure you’re getting the best auto insurance quotes available. Because when you call up one of the national places on the phone…

You’re rushed through it – There aren’t many people who like shopping for car insurance, so the “15-minutes or less” spiel is quite the selling point. But is that really enough time to make sure that you’re getting their best? They’re trained to move you through the car insurance process as quickly as possible, and to get you to say “yes” even if you shouldn’t.

You’re not finding the right deal – Again, they want to sell you insurance as quickly as possible. And that means not giving you many options. When you see Black Hills Insurance for your auto insurance quotes, we’re going to give you many more options so that you get the car insurance that’s right for you. Speaking of which…

With them, you’re only hearing from one company – We’ve touched on this before, but it’s worth repeating. They will sell you their insurance, and no other. It’s the same with many of the “name” companies, whether they’re brick and mortar or online….they’re only going to offer you insurance from one company. The great thing about us is that you’re getting a better variety because we work with many more carriers.

We’d like to invite you in to talk with us in either our Spearfish or Rapid City offices. Or give us a call, but we hope you’ll understand if it takes more than 15 minutes. When we’re talking about your money, it should take more than a quarter-hour!