blackhillCTA2Welcome to the new Black Hills Insurance Agency website. We hope that all of the information you find here is helpful in starting your search for insurance, whether it’s health insurance, homeowners insurance, or if you’re just looking for car insurance quotes.

It’s becoming more and more a requirement in today’s world to have insurance. When you have a mortgage, you must have insurance in order to protect the bank’s interests. When you own a car, state law requires you to purchase liability coverage, as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. And where once health insurance was tied to your employer, you now how more options than ever.

Rapid City might be the second largest city in South Dakota, but we’re still pretty small. We live close to many of our customers, shop at the same grocery stores, and bump into them at the park. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to be the friendliest insurance agency in Rapid City (we know the folks in our Spearfish branch feel the same way). So what are our goals?

We make it easy: We do this every day, and have for more than 60 years. We know the industry inside and out, but also understand that it’s a completely foreign world to many of our customers. We make it our goal to translate “insurance-speak” into language that anyone can understand.

We offer incredible selection: Because we have established relationships with so many different insurance companies over the decades, we are able to find the best possible insurance options for you no matter what your situation.

We’ve survived the very competitive insurance business for so long because we work harder for our customers. Whether you’re looking for homeowners, life, car, or health insurance, Black Hills Insurance is there for you. Contact us today!