1. Four Types Of Collectibles That Are Going To Need A Home Insurance Rider

        We recently talked about the types of homeowners insurance riders that you might need for stuff around your house, stuff you might not realize isn’t covered. Now let’s talk about some collectibles that will probably also need a rider if you want them covered. Artwork: You took the painting from your great-grandmother's house to Antiques Roadshow and found out that it’s a piece …Read More

  2. 6 Types Of Property You’ll Probably Need A Homeowners Insurance Rider For

      One of our first blogs was about how good a deal home insurance is. After all, you’re covering your incredibly expensive home and most of the articles inside for a relatively small amount every year. It’s certainly the type of insurance that most people see the most return on if something should ever go horribly wrong. But not everything is covered, because not everyone has the same stu…Read More

  3. Can’t You Just Get Car Insurance Quotes Online? Well, yes, but…

    We’ve talked before about the rise of the car insurance commercial and how it’s really been clouding people’s idea of what car insurance is. How are they making it difficult to find the best car insurance quotes? Comparative selection: They say you should never compare your life to the lives of your friends on Facebook, because all you’re seeing is their highlight reel. It’s the same whe…Read More

  4. 3 Types Of Insurance You’ll Probably Never Need A Quote For

      We give you lots and lots of informational blogs that will hopefully answer some of the questions you might have about homeowners insurance, health insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and more. But every so often it’s time for a blog that’s all fun. So here are three types of car insurance we’re probably not going to be helping you get anytime soon. Wedding Insurance: Weddings a…Read More

  5. 3 Surprising Things That Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Quotes

      We’ve talked before about some of the determiners that will affect your homeowners insurance quotes. But it goes even deeper than that. Here are a few more things that can determine how much you’ll be paying. Having A Firehouse Nearby — Ever since electricity replaced open flames as the main source of light and heat, fires aren’t nearly the concern they were 150 years ago. But when …Read More

  6. The Types Of Small Business Insurance We Can Help You With

      When you have a small business, you do everything you can to help it succeed. Unfortunately, most small business are just one small claim away from going under. That’s why it’s important to have the proper small business insurance that can keep you covered in case something goes wrong. Liability: If you interact with the public at all, you’ve got liability issues to deal with. While i…Read More

  7. How Are Life Insurance Quotes Determined?

      It’s no surprise that we think life insurance is a good thing. We’d have it even if we didn’t sell insurance, we just think it’s that important. So we do hope you’ll come in and talk about it, for the sake of your loved ones. Like all insurance, life insurance is about the odds...what are the odds that you’ll make a claim? There are many determining factors that will determine t…Read More

  8. Car Insurance Coverage You Might Want To Add To A Basic Policy

    Here in South Dakota you are required to have a minimum amount of car insurance, called Liability Insurance. This kind of insurance only covers the other driver and their passengers when you’re found at fault. It’s required so that their insurance doesn’t go up when you’re at fault. But what about when something happens to your car and there are no other vehicles in involved? And what do y…Read More

  9. Three Terms That You’ll Almost Never Hear Except When Talking About Life Insurance

    We recently talked about the difference between term life insurance and permanent life insurance (cash value). But those aren’t the only terms you might hear that are specific to life insurance; there are other terms that are seldom used when speaking of other forms of insurance. Here are some more words and phrases that might help you understand life insurance a little bit more. Beneficiary - W…Read More

  10. Specific Terms You Might Hear When You’re Investigating Home Insurance

    We’ve talked before about general terms that are used throughout the insurance industry and about specific terms you might hear when looking for auto insurance. So what about home insurance, aka homeowners insurance? No surprise that there are some terms that you’ll usually only head when talking about a house. Inflation protection: Your car depreciates. Most of the stuff in your home is worth…Read More