1. When It’s Time To Come In And Talk To Us About Your Car Insurance

    Your car insurance needs change over the years. Maybe not as much as your health insurance needs, but certainly more than your homeowners insurance will change. So what are the most important times to talk to us about your auto insurance? When you get a new car: This one is pretty obvious, but it’s also incredibly important. If you're adding a car (without replacing the old one), be sure to call…Read More

  2. The Big Question In Life Insurance: Term or Cash Value?

      When most people think of life insurance, the first thing they think about is the kind they hear about during the commercials of late-night TV: term life insurance. But there are other types of life insurance as well, so it’s important that you have some information Term Life Insurance: As we mentioned, this is the most common life insurance out there. It’s also the cheapest and most si…Read More

  3. How Much Life Insurance Should You Have?

    We’ve talked before about how life insurance can be a morbid topic for some people, while others are more pragmatic about why they need it. But no matter how open you are to it, there’s one thing that doesn’t change...it’s a good idea. We’re not going to say you have to have it, and you’re not legally required to have it. But the fact is, it can mean the difference between your family …Read More

  4. Three Terms That You’ll Almost Never Hear Except When Talking About Health Insurance

    Every type of insurance shares some common terms: deductible, premium, co-pay. But when it comes to homeowners insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance, each has specific terms that you’ll hear only when talking about those types of insurance. Here are some terms you’ll mostly only hear when talking about health insurance. Dependent - Your dependents aren’t driving, so…Read More

  5. Water Is Almost Always A Rider On Your Homeowners Insurance

    We’ve talked about the Black Hills Flood back in 1972, when the Rapid Creek flooded and took over 1300 homes. While much has been done to prevent that from happening again, it’s not just the water from an overflowing river that you have to worry about. Water can come from many places, including: Burst pipes - Does it get cold in Rapid City? Silly question, right? If your heat goes out, you mig…Read More

  6. Why We’ve Been In The Home, Car, and Health Insurance Industry For Over 65 years

      Here’s something that’s no secret...there’s more than one place to buy insurance in Rapid City. Sure, we’d like to be the only place in town and have all 75,000 people as customers, but we’re also firm believes in the idea that competition is a good thing that strengthens competing businesses. In our 65 years (Maguire family owned since 1949) we’ve seen a lot of insurance compan…Read More

  7. Let’s Have Some Fun…3 Weird Types Of Home Insurance That People Routinely Buy

      We deal with the same types of insurance every day, and sometimes it’s fun to take a look at some of the weirder policies that people have purchased. We’ll, weird to you, but we’re sure they were perfectly normal for those who bought them. Haunted House Insurance: We’re talking about the haunted houses that spring up every fall and cater to the Halloween crowd. Each year they get sc…Read More

  8. Specific Terms You Might Hear When Talking About Car Insurance

        Every type of insurance has its own unique lingo. You’ll hear about dependents in health insurance and depreciation in homeowners insurance. So when you come in to our Rapid City or Spearfish offices to talk about car insurance, it might save you some frustration if you are up-to-date on some of the most common terms specific to car and auto insurance. Liability - You’re not driv…Read More

  9. The Advantage Of Having An Independent Insurance Agent Like Us For Your Car And Home Insurance

      Imagine this — you’re in the market for a new laptop. You’ve got your heart set on a new Dell or HP, or maybe a Samsung. You want to go somewhere where you’ll have a variety of choices. Some place where you can see all of them side-by-side. Then you walk into an Apple Store. Are they going to sell you any of those other brands? Even if those other brands would fit your needs better?…Read More

  10. Are Car Insurance And Homeowners Insurance Getting More Expensive?

      We often get this question (usually from someone over 40) that goes like this: “Why is my homeowners insurance getting so expensive. And why is car insurance more than ever before?” Inflation: Here the easy answer. Someone who’s been buying homeowners or auto insurance for 30 years will have certainly see an increase. That’s because $500 in 1985 dollars is worth about $1000 in today…Read More