The Best Car Insurance is the one that best fits you.Time and again we’re asked “What’ the best car insurance?” That’s kind of like asking “What’s the best medicine?” Everyone is different and has varying needs, so the only real way to find the best car insurance is for you to tell us more about you.

How old are you? – There’s a reason that car rental companies won’t rent to anyone under 25 years old…younger drivers just don’t have the years of experience to deal with the driving situations that come their way. And honestly, they tend to be more irresponsible and are influenced by irresponsible passengers. But some carriers are more understanding, especially if you’re younger and a good student.

How much are you driving? – In general, if you drive less you’re less likely to get in an accident. If you have an hour commute, you’re on the road a lot more, which might affect your car insurance quotes. Some carriers take this into account more than others.

What are your vehicles like? – One of the biggest determiners of your rates is how much coverage you want. Do you just need liability or will you be wanting comprehensive coverage? We’ll help you decide which carrier works best for you.

Are you married? – Married people are simply more careful, so rates for those who are married can impact your costs. However, carriers can value that slightly differently, so let us talk to you about that.

Previous claims – The amount of claims you’ve made in the past will always change your auto insurance quotes. But some of our insurance carriers take that into account more than others.

There are many pieces of the puzzle when it comes to finding the right car insurance for you. We’ll help put them in the right place so that you can get the best coverage for the right price. Call our Rapid City or Spearfish offices today!