dreamstime_xxl_18381522Renters insurance might be the best bargain in insurance you’ll ever have. That’s because it costs so much less that homeowners insurance, due to the fact that you’re not insuring the structure itself.

There are still people out there who don’t have renters insurance. Considering what a deal it is, that’s hard to believe. After all, you’re dealing with possible losses occurring that even homeowners don’t have to deal with. For instance:

More people have keys to your place – If you lock yourself out, you’ve at least got the option to call a landlord to help you out. But you could just as easily call the plumber, the carpet guy, the drywall hanger, the furnace tech, and the landlord’s ex-wife who hates him and everything he’s involved with…because all of these people at one time or another have had the keys to your rental, and they can make a duplicate.

So many people in the building – If you live in an apartment, there are people coming and going all around the grounds. Are they renters? Friends of renters? People there to steal your stuff? You really don’t know. Protect your belongings with renters insurance.

There are more people to destroy the building – Again, if you’re in an apartment complex, there are many more people in one building than if you live in a detached dwelling. And all of those people make the chances of something bad happening even greater. For instance, there are more people to leave candles burning. More people to leave the sink running. Even more dishwashers that can overflow and start dripping down from the floor above onto your computer. Good thing you’ve got renters insurance.

Your rental is your current home, so take some time to investigate the home insurance that will keep you going if there’s a loss…renters insurance. Call or stop by today to talk to us about it.