1. How Long Does It Take To Get The Best Auto Insurance Quotes? 15 Minutes? 12? 30?

    Let’s say you call up the local pizza place and order a pizza for delivery. It’s fast, they get you the meal you want, and it doesn’t cost much. Now let’s say that it didn’t quite satisfy…maybe it was a bit overcooked, or they missed one of the toppings. The delivery guy has driven away, and you’ll probably just eat it and let it go. After all, it’s not much money and it’s just o…Read More

  2. What’s The Best Car Insurance? You Tell Us.

      Time and again we’re asked “What’ the best car insurance?” That’s kind of like asking “What’s the best medicine?” Everyone is different and has varying needs, so the only real way to find the best car insurance is for you to tell us more about you. How old are you? - There’s a reason that car rental companies won’t rent to anyone under 25 years old...younger drivers just…Read More

  3. Why It’s So Important To Not Let Your Car Insurance Lapse

      If your car insurance bill comes and you decide to not pay it, that could be a choice that you’ll regret for a short time or for the rest of your life. Not having car insurance, even for a day, could be inviting anything from a ticket to financial ruin. So why is it so important to keep your car insurance up-to-date? It’s the law - Here in South Dakota we’re legally required to carry …Read More

  4. Can’t You Just Get Car Insurance Quotes Online? Well, yes, but…

    We’ve talked before about the rise of the car insurance commercial and how it’s really been clouding people’s idea of what car insurance is. How are they making it difficult to find the best car insurance quotes? Comparative selection: They say you should never compare your life to the lives of your friends on Facebook, because all you’re seeing is their highlight reel. It’s the same whe…Read More

  5. Car Insurance Coverage You Might Want To Add To A Basic Policy

    Here in South Dakota you are required to have a minimum amount of car insurance, called Liability Insurance. This kind of insurance only covers the other driver and their passengers when you’re found at fault. It’s required so that their insurance doesn’t go up when you’re at fault. But what about when something happens to your car and there are no other vehicles in involved? And what do y…Read More

  6. When It’s Time To Come In And Talk To Us About Your Car Insurance

    Your car insurance needs change over the years. Maybe not as much as your health insurance needs, but certainly more than your homeowners insurance will change. So what are the most important times to talk to us about your auto insurance? When you get a new car: This one is pretty obvious, but it’s also incredibly important. If you're adding a car (without replacing the old one), be sure to call…Read More

  7. Specific Terms You Might Hear When Talking About Car Insurance

        Every type of insurance has its own unique lingo. You’ll hear about dependents in health insurance and depreciation in homeowners insurance. So when you come in to our Rapid City or Spearfish offices to talk about car insurance, it might save you some frustration if you are up-to-date on some of the most common terms specific to car and auto insurance. Liability - You’re not driv…Read More

  8. Are Car Insurance And Homeowners Insurance Getting More Expensive?

      We often get this question (usually from someone over 40) that goes like this: “Why is my homeowners insurance getting so expensive. And why is car insurance more than ever before?” Inflation: Here the easy answer. Someone who’s been buying homeowners or auto insurance for 30 years will have certainly see an increase. That’s because $500 in 1985 dollars is worth about $1000 in today…Read More

  9. Where Did All Of These Car Insurance Ads Come From?

       There are thousands of places in this world that you can get car insurance...and that’s just the options you get from watching TV for an hour! The interesting thing is, if you’re over 30 years old or so, you didn’t grow up watching car insurance ads. It’s only been in the last decade or so that commercials for auto insurance have been a thing. So what happened? Well, the market st…Read More

  10. The Last 3 Factors That Will End Up Determining Your Car Insurance Rates In Rapid City

      Today we talk about the last three factors that determine your insurance rates. Truth be told, a carrier will probably use dozens of variables, but the ones we’ve touched on in this blog series hold the most weight and are easiest to understand. First we found out how age, gender, and the age of your car can determine your car insurance quotes. After that we revealed that your marital sta…Read More