1. The Last 3 Factors That Will End Up Determining Your Car Insurance Rates In Rapid City

      Today we talk about the last three factors that determine your insurance rates. Truth be told, a carrier will probably use dozens of variables, but the ones we’ve touched on in this blog series hold the most weight and are easiest to understand. First we found out how age, gender, and the age of your car can determine your car insurance quotes. After that we revealed that your marital sta…Read More

  2. 4 More Factors That Determine Your Car Insurance Rates

      We talked before about three of the biggest determiners of the kind of car insurance quotes you’ll get. These included age of the vehicle, your age and your gender. But those three aren’t the only factors that will determine your insurance rates. For instance… Marital status – Married people tend to have fewer accidents than singles. (Perhaps it’s because they’re more likely to …Read More

  3. 3 Things That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates

    When it comes to auto insurance, doesn’t it seem like premiums are all over the place? One insurance company will give you car insurance quotes that seem way too high, while another claims to save you 25% every month. To be honest, it’s often a case of comparing apples to oranges. While a company might claim to save you that much, they’re often offering reduced coverage. But that’s not wha…Read More