Life insurance riders might be for youTerm life insurance can be one of the most simple forms of insurance you can buy…you buy it, and your family gets money if you die. Simple, right?

While those policies are very common, there are variances that you might want to know about. These riders can change your life insurance into something that more suitably meets your needs.

Accelerated Death Benefits (ADB) Rider – Under an ADB rider, you are able to receive your cash benefit before you die if you are given a very short time to live (usually under a year) and meet certain criteria. You can use this to alleviate the burden of healthcare costs you might incur before you pass on, or pre-pay for funeral costs. You can even take that last trip with your family by getting the benefits from your life insurance plan before you die.

Long-term Care Rider: This rider will insure you if you are in need of long-term medical care. It’s not health insurance, but protects you in case you need extended healthcare that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

Cost of Living Rider – You can probably guess what this is. If you bought a $200,000 life insurance policy in 1985, you’d need a $400,000+ policy today in order to keep up with inflation. A cost of living rider takes care of that for you, making sure that the amount you originally determined you needed in the past will keep up with the economy.

These aren’t the only life insurance riders you can buy, but they are some of the most common. Do you think you’re under-covered? Contact us today to talk with us about your life insurance needs.