dreamstime_xl_4688024Insurance has become a way of life. Not only for those of us who sell it, but for everyone, every day. Why are we required to have all of this insurance, anyway? Just who is it protecting, and is it really necessary that we have all of this insurance?

Car Insurance – In South Dakota, you are required to have auto insurance that covers the following: liability coverage (insurance that covers the property and bodily injury for people involved in the accident when you cause it) and uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance (to cover your expenses should the person who caused the accident not have insurance or not have enough).
You’re legally required to have these because…these two types of insurance protect you no matter who is at fault in an accident.

Home Insurance – We talked before about the importance of having homeowners insurance. It’s there to protect you in case of fires, floods, burglaries, and all sorts of weather. It’s not only going to protect your house during a total loss, but also protect it from partial losses such as hail damage or a fallen tree, as well as loss from theft.
You’re legally required to have these because…your mortgage requires you to have it. A bank isn’t going to loan you that amount of money without being assured that your home is protected.

Health Insurance – For years health insurance seemed inextricably linked to your employer. The good thing is that you’re just as likely to have it through a private health insurance provider like us rather than having to rely on an employer.
You’re legally required to have these because…National health care insurance is a touchy subject, so we won’t get into that discussion here. We will, however, mention that when people have health insurance they’re more likely to get yearly physicals and free vaccinations, which lead to a healthier society.

So there you have it. Health insurance, home insurance, and car insurance…three types of insurance that you’re legally required to have that you can find at Black Hills Insurance in both Rapid City and Spearfish. We’ll find you the right supplier. Stop by either location to talk with us today!