Antiques need special home insurance ridersWe recently talked about the types of homeowners insurance riders that you might need for stuff around your house, stuff you might not realize isn’t covered. Now let’s talk about some collectibles that will probably also need a rider if you want them covered.

Artwork: You took the painting from your great-grandmother’s house to Antiques Roadshow and found out that it’s a piece from an fairly well-known Appalachian painter. Congrats, it’s worth upwards of $10,000! However, as long as it hangs in your house without a rider, it’s not covered under your regular homeowners insurance.

Antiques: Much like artwork, antiques can fail to be covered without the proper rider. Whether it’s one piece that’s worth $7,000 or a collection worth $100,000, it’s not automatically covered just because it resides in your house. When you consider that you’re expensive pieces are in danger not just from natural disasters but also theft, it’s important to take steps to document their existence and make sure they’re covered.

Hobby Collectibles: People sink a lot of money into collectibles. Comic books, stamps, coins…none of which are covered under a typical homeowner insurance policy. If you want this stuff covered from theft, fire, and flood, you’ll need a rider that includes an itemized list of everything.

Silverware: Quick, how much is your silverware worth? You probably have no idea. But if it goes up in a fire, is it covered? What about if it’s stolen? Probably not, unless you have the proper rider.

Riders are an important part of your homeowners insurance policy to make sure that the stuff that might not be found in the average household is covered. Want to make sure you’re covered? Come in and talk with us today!