dreamstime_xxl_11906337Because home insurance is something that is required by just about every home loan you’ll ever have, it’s easy to forget just why it’s necessary. After all, houses are sturdy and last for decades, so it’s hard to imagine that they might some day be damaged or destroyed. So what kind of home insurance is important to have here in Rapid City, SD?

Flooding: Rapid City was named for Rapid Creek. You might not remember the Black Hills Flood of 1972 that claimed 238 lives, and the chances of such a catastrophe happening again has been mitigated by removing most homes from the floodplain. But we’re sure you remember Rapid Creek overflowing earlier this month, when homes had to be evacuated. No matter what precautions are taken, there’s always that chance of flooding, and it’s important to have to right insurance to protect against flooding.

Fire: It used to be that lightning strikes were a chief cause of fire in a home. Now that few houses are the tallest structure around (lighting is more likely to find a nearby cell phone tower), house fires are less common than ever. But electrical fires do happen, grease fires can occur, and decorative candles and cigarettes are culprits that make families lose their homes. In such a case, you’ll be glad that your mortgage required you have homeowners insurance.

Weather: While most weather just bounces off of your home, there’s the occasional hailstorm that might cause damage to more than  your roof, including your deck and siding. Also, uprooted trees have a habit of falling on houses, which can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

Yellowstone explodes: If this happens, home insurance is the least of your problems!

While you probably don’t have the option to not have home insurance in Rapid City, you do have the a choice of who to purchase it from. With more than 60 years in the business, you can trust in Black Hills Insurance. Give us a call!