dreamstime_8117628When most people hear “small business insurance,” they hear the word “business” and what that might cover…desks, computers, vehicles, buildings. While all of that is certainly covered in a properly-written insurance plan, it completely ignores other aspects of small business insurance that has to be addressed.

So what are some of the other types of coverage that have to be addressed when you get small business insurance.

The Employees: Employees have to be protected while they’re on the job. It doesn’t matter if they are explosives experts or work at a computer all day, they’re both just as likely to slip on the bathroom floor and require coverage.

The Customers: Everyone who steps on your property has to be covered by insurance. It’s true whether you have 1,000 customers come through your door every day or if you have one customer a week…they all have to be covered.

The Belongings: As we mentioned above, small business insurance isn’t just about covering the physical aspects, but it’s a big one. Make sure you have everything in your building itemized so that it’s properly covered.

You (The Business): When you buy small business insurance, you’re protecting the people and things mentioned above, but you can’t forget what you’re really protecting…your business. Without the proper coverage, your business could be one accident away from ruin.

Protect your small business by making sure that it’s covered with the right insurance. Give us a call at Black Hills Insurance and we can make sure you’re fully covered.