Car Insurance needs change over the yearsYour car insurance needs change over the years. Maybe not as much as your health insurance needs, but certainly more than your homeowners insurance will change.

So what are the most important times to talk to us about your auto insurance?

When you get a new car: This one is pretty obvious, but it’s also incredibly important. If you’re adding a car (without replacing the old one), be sure to call us immediately to make sure it’s covered. If you’re replacing a vehicle, the old policy will carry over onto your new car for a few days. Problems can arise if you’re going from an old car that only had liability insurance to a newer car on which you’ll want comprehensive.

Please remember, all car insurance policies are different, so it’s best to contact us before you purchase your next vehicle to make sure that you have the level of coverage you need.

When you add a driver: Most of the time “adding a driver” is a euphemism for “your rates are about to go up because someone in the house turned 16”! But no matter why you’re adding a driver, it’s important to let us know the specifics. Age, gender, and grades can all help to find the best rates.

When you change age brackets: There’s a good chance that your age bracket will be automatically changed as you hit certain milestones. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t stop by to talk about you car insurance. Perhaps changing would allow you to move to a company that has even better rates for your new age bracket. You won’t know until you ask!

We’d love to talk to you about auto insurance, no matter whether you experience change or are simply looking for a better deal. Contact Black hills Insurance today!