dreamstime_5432163There are thousands of places in this world that you can get car insurance…and that’s just the options you get from watching TV for an hour!

The interesting thing is, if you’re over 30 years old or so, you didn’t grow up watching car insurance ads. It’s only been in the last decade or so that commercials for auto insurance have been a thing.

So what happened? Well, the market started getting more and more crowded as companies popped up on the internet. Car insurance was the easiest thing for them to offer, because, unlike a home, there are only so many makes and models of cars and each is nearly identical. But because these companies were internet-only, without the decades of reputation you might find in a brick-and-mortar business, they needed to get noticed. So, as much as people say that internet is taking us away from our TV time, TV certainly benefitted in one way…the internet car insurance companies needed to advertise.

Today it’s difficult to have a 2-minute commercial break without seeing a car insurance commercial. The problem is, they’re often making specious claims. Why can’t you trust them? Because in a 30-second car insurance commercial, they only have time to compare apples to oranges. They might say you can save a certain amount, but that’s if you’re willing to give up coverage that you might need. Or it might be a national ad that’s offering rates that only apply if your state has a super-low liability requirement.

We certainly don’t mind if you check out the car insurance options from the online guys…just be sure to bring those quotes to us and we’ll be sure to compare apples to apples and check that you’re safely (and legally) covered.