dreamstime_xxl_18243802If you’ve never made a claim on your homeowners insurance, you might be surprised the first time you do. Not only at how smoothly things go (we’ll help to facilitate that) but also at just how much the carrier is paying to make the repairs to your home. This is because the problem that you have…whether it’s a burst pipe, a fire, or hail damage…affects so much more in your home than you might ever imagine. For instance, what if you experience a:

Burst pipe: So the pipe that heads from your sink to your sewer line started leaking, and you didn’t notice that your basement ceiling started to sag. Then, one night, FWOOSH! You’ve got a two-foot round hole in your ceiling and a lot of stinky water on your floor. It’s just a small section of ceiling, right?

But it also affects: all the wood it touched. When you have the supports of your house sitting in water, it’s important that you take time to dry it out and make sure that mold isn’t in your future. Special anti-mold agents might be used on the wood and the drywall to make sure that it doesn’t spread throughout your house. The same can go for the carpet that all of that water fell on.

Fire: If you have a kitchen fire, you might think that the kitchen is the only part of the house that will need repair.

But it also affects: the whole house! If the fire department came and started spraying your home, they’re not worried about how much water they’re pumping into your home. Yes, they’ll focus on your kitchen, but the spray is likely to hit electronics, artwork, furniture, and (<shudder>) the drywall in many areas of your house. The needed repairs are going to be massive.

Hail: If Rapid City has a hailstorm that tears up your roof, you need a new roof, right?

But it also affects: Your house paint, your siding, your air conditioner, your deck, your window screens, your fence, your exhaust vents and fans…many of these will also be covered, depending on the level of damage.

These are just a few examples of why we think homeowners insurance is the biggest bargain in insurance. We can find you affordable home insurance quotes from our many carriers, so call or stop by Black Hills Insurance today!