Why is car insurance so important?If your car insurance bill comes and you decide to not pay it, that could be a choice that you’ll regret for a short time or for the rest of your life. Not having car insurance, even for a day, could be inviting anything from a ticket to financial ruin. So why is it so important to keep your car insurance up-to-date?

It’s the law – Here in South Dakota we’re legally required to carry liability insurance on your vehicle. This protects other drivers so that they can get their vehicle repaired if you’re at fault. You’re also require to carry insurance that will help to cover their medical bills if you’re at fault. If you’re caught without proof of insurance you could get a ticket…and that’s just the first time. You’re also in trouble if you’re in an accident and can’t produce it.

It can ruin you – If you think you can’t afford car insurance, just imagine how bad it will be for you if you cause an accident in which other people are seriously injured. You don’t have insurance to cover you, you’re in a lawsuit with the other party, and you’re going to be swimming in legal bills. If you’re going to drive, it’s important to make your car insurance a priority.

Make sure you have the right coverage – If you have an old, paid-off car, you might choose to just have liability insurance on it, and that’s perfectly understandable. But if you get a new car, make sure that you call us immediately. Not having comprehensive insurance on a new car could lead to you paying for years on a wrecked car that you can’t drive.

Have questions about car insurance? Don’t just trust a blog! Call us directly or stop by our Rapid City or Spearfish office and find out your best options, and to get free car insurance quotes. You can afford car insurance!