dreamstime_xxl_25936617Here’s something that’s no secret…there’s more than one place to buy insurance in Rapid City. Sure, we’d like to be the only place in town and have all 75,000 people as customers, but we’re also firm believes in the idea that competition is a good thing that strengthens competing businesses.

In our 65 years (Maguire family owned since 1949) we’ve seen a lot of insurance companies come and go, and big turnover in the national chains. Some of us make it, some don’t.

So what does it take to last so long in cities like Rapid City and Spearfish?

Knowledge: Every industry changes, and it’s no different for insurance. We must constantly keep on top of changes within the business, and technology continues to offer new challenges to us. But we’re up to the challenge, because…

We enjoy it: Once you start working with insurance every day, you see things differently. While you don’t lose your emotional investment in life, you hone the analytical side so that everything around you takes on a different glow (not literally, of course. And if that does happen, we have excellent health insurance!). You know how much it costs to insure that 1963 Corvette, you commiserate with a friend when his son turns 16 and his rates go up. You can suggest a change in health insurance as someone ages so that it doesn’t deplete their next egg. Speaking of helping people…

We like helping people: This is perhaps the best reason to be in the insurance business. When a family loses a house to fire, sure, we might have to pay out. But when you realize that you helped be the force between them and being homeless, it’s a feeling like no other. Insurance makes sure that people aren’t destroyed by life’s unforeseen circumstances.

We hope you’ll come visit us at either our Rapid City or Spearfish office. Or call us, and we’ll help you find the insurance you need.