dreamstime_xxl_8212247We’ve talked before about some of the determiners that will affect your homeowners insurance quotes. But it goes even deeper than that. Here are a few more things that can determine how much you’ll be paying.

Having A Firehouse Nearby — Ever since electricity replaced open flames as the main source of light and heat, fires aren’t nearly the concern they were 150 years ago. But when they happen, they are often the biggest catastrophic loss to a home, because very little can be recovered. Being able to put the fire out before the home is a total loss can prevent even more costly claims, so having a highly-rated professional fire department nearby can reduce your rates. Being close to fire hydrants can also help (or, more likely, being far away from them can hurt).

Your Dog Might Be Biting Your Wallet — Certain dog breeds have a bad reputation, and some home insurance carriers can charge higher rates depending on if you have a dog that has been statistically proven to have more problems.

Your Credit Score Strikes Again! — Much like a Social Security number was never meant to become a national identity number, credit scores weren’t supposed play such a huge part in our lives. But it’s come to be that way, and there’s no avoiding it. Like all insurance, it comes down to risk…numbers show that people with better credit make fewer claims. Cleaning up your credit can positively affect your homeowners insurance premiums.

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