dreamstime_xxl_33233118When it comes to auto insurance, doesn’t it seem like premiums are all over the place? One insurance company will give you car insurance quotes that seem way too high, while another claims to save you 25% every month. To be honest, it’s often a case of comparing apples to oranges. While a company might claim to save you that much, they’re often offering reduced coverage.

But that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to discuss the things that will affect your car insurance rates no matter what company you decide to go with.

Age of your vehicles: You’ve probably noticed that your auto insurance rates will decrease over time (especially if you move from collision down to liability). A newer car might be repaired for $10,000, but an older car is more likely to be totaled out at $3,000 instead of repaired. This leads to less risk for the insurance companies and lower premiums for an older vehicle.

Gender: Sorry guys, if you’re young your rates are going to be higher. The numbers don’t lie…young guys have more accidents and will almost certainly have higher premiums to pay. On the other hand, older men tend to have fewer accidents than older women. It’s going to be like that no matter what company you go with.

Age: Like we said in “gender” above, age plays quite a factor. As we get older we tend to get in fewer accidents…we have more experience driving, we’re less likely to be bothered by our crazy friends in the passenger seat, and we’re less likely to be so brash at a stoplight.

So there are three things that can affect your auto insurance rates, but that can’t be all, can it? Nope! We’ll be back soon with some more factors that go into determining your rates.

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