1. 3 More Things You Can Do That Might Small Business Insurance Rates Lower

      We recently talked about ways that you might be able to save on small business insurance, but it wasn’t even close to everything you can do in order to save a few dollars here in and there when you need insurance. Here are a few more things that you’ll want to ask your insurance agent about Make sure you’re not insuring stuff you don’t have: Did the old forklift break down and you f…Read More

  2. 3 Things You Can Do To Lower Your Small Business Liability Insurance Rates

      When you own a small business, one claim that isn’t covered can be the difference between your business thriving or going under. Of course, you have to pay for the coverage, so you want to get the best coverage for the most reasonable cost. So while we all know how important it is to have small business liability insurance, you might not know that there are ways that you can save on some …Read More

  3. Small Business Insurance: Four Quadrants Of Protection

      When most people hear “small business insurance,” they hear the word “business” and what that might cover...desks, computers, vehicles, buildings. While all of that is certainly covered in a properly-written insurance plan, it completely ignores other aspects of small business insurance that has to be addressed. So what are some of the other types of coverage that have to be address…Read More

  4. I Made A Claim On My Homeowner’s Insurance…Will My Rates Go Up?

       We’ve talked before about the many reasons you might see an increase in your homeowners insurance quotes. The ones we talked about are pretty common, including natural disasters in other parts of the country, claims by your neighbors, and basic inflation. But those aren’t the only things that will affect your home insurance rates. Here are a few more changes that could cause you to se…Read More

  5. How Long Does It Take To Get The Best Auto Insurance Quotes? 15 Minutes? 12? 30?

    Let’s say you call up the local pizza place and order a pizza for delivery. It’s fast, they get you the meal you want, and it doesn’t cost much. Now let’s say that it didn’t quite satisfy…maybe it was a bit overcooked, or they missed one of the toppings. The delivery guy has driven away, and you’ll probably just eat it and let it go. After all, it’s not much money and it’s just o…Read More

  6. 3 Reasons  Homeowners Insurance Rates Go Up (Even When You Don’t Make A Claim)

      Whether you pay your home insurance every year in one lump sum or have it taken out via escrow every month with your mortgage, you’ve probably noticed that it tends to go up a little year after year. But why? If you haven’t made a claim, why is there an increase. Are the insurance companies simply trying to make more and more money? Not always. There are usually forces in play that are …Read More

  7. What’s The Best Car Insurance? You Tell Us.

      Time and again we’re asked “What’ the best car insurance?” That’s kind of like asking “What’s the best medicine?” Everyone is different and has varying needs, so the only real way to find the best car insurance is for you to tell us more about you. How old are you? - There’s a reason that car rental companies won’t rent to anyone under 25 years old...younger drivers just…Read More

  8. 3 Life Insurance Riders You Might Want To Consider

    Term life insurance can be one of the most simple forms of insurance you can buy...you buy it, and your family gets money if you die. Simple, right? While those policies are very common, there are variances that you might want to know about. These riders can change your life insurance into something that more suitably meets your needs. Accelerated Death Benefits (ADB) Rider - Under an ADB rider, y…Read More

  9. Why Would You Ever Need Short Term Health Insurance?

      Short term health insurance is pretty much just what it sounds like. It’s a fixed-length plan that will completely terminate at the end of the coverage period, so there are definite downsides. But there are times when it is an absolute necessity. Who uses it: Short term health insurance is usually used by people who are losing their employer-based health insurance, either because they los…Read More

  10. Why It’s So Important To Not Let Your Car Insurance Lapse

      If your car insurance bill comes and you decide to not pay it, that could be a choice that you’ll regret for a short time or for the rest of your life. Not having car insurance, even for a day, could be inviting anything from a ticket to financial ruin. So why is it so important to keep your car insurance up-to-date? It’s the law - Here in South Dakota we’re legally required to carry …Read More