Car insurance quotes aren't always being honestWe’ve talked before about the rise of the car insurance commercial and how it’s really been clouding people’s idea of what car insurance is. How are they making it difficult to find the best car insurance quotes?

Comparative selection: They say you should never compare your life to the lives of your friends on Facebook, because all you’re seeing is their highlight reel. It’s the same when you check many online quotes…they’ll show you where they shine and simply discard the rest of the pertinent information. They know that you don’t know what’s missing, so it makes them look really good when compared to other insurance.

Have you double-checked them?: The company that just ran a commercial says that, for your age and driving history, that they’ll save you $37 a month over the other guy. Great! But did you check the other guy and get their car insurance quotes directly? Why trust a competitor to give you an honest response?

Middlemen have power: Have you ever booked an airline ticket through a third-party vendor (some site like Kayak or Expedia) and then checked the price directly from the airline? Sometimes it’s cheaper, sometimes more expensive. You can’t always be guaranteed that adding (or subtracting) a middleman will alter the price in your favor.

We have access to a number of different carriers, and the deals that we have with them can lead to you getting an even better deal than through the vendor directly. Call or stop by for auto insurance quotes to find out about the deals we can get for you.