1. Special Riders That You Can Get On Your Homeowners Insurance

    Not all homeowners insurance are created equal. While there are the basics that are carried — fire, theft, and most weather — there are certain riders that can be added depending on what you want covered. Flood and Earthquake: There aren’t really many fault lines to worry about here in South Dakota. While we might feel huge ones from other parts of the country, it isn’t likely we’d feel …Read More

  2. Ways Your Homeowners Insurance Can Cover You That You Might Not Think Of

      Having home insurance is a necessity. While you technically own the house, the mortgage lender isn’t going to loan it to you if they know the asset could burn down tomorrow. And while they could sue you for the cost of your remaining mortgage, it’s unlikely they’d ever see any of it as you try to piece your life back together. So while we’ve talked before about some of the more comm…Read More

  3. Who’s Life Insurance Really For, Anyway?

      We’ve talked before about how differently people can view the idea of life insurance. For some it’s morbid, for some it’s soothing, and others just dismiss the idea altogether. No matter how you view it, it’s important to think not only about how people feel about it, but who it’s actually for. For you: Of course, when you have a term life insurance policy you’re never going to …Read More

  4. Looking For Car Insurance? How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need In South Dakota?

      For years it has been a requirement in South Dakota that all vehicle owners have auto insurance on their vehicles. This not only protects the person who causes the accident but also covers the person who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. So what is the minimum amount of car insurance that you’re legally required to have? Liability insurance - If you cause an auto accident, …Read More

  5. What Do You Think Of Life Insurance?

      Life insurance means different things to different people. After all, the benefits are only realized when something horrible happens to someone else. In fact, there are three basic ways to think about it. Some people find life insurance morbid - There are some who say that life insurance should be called Death Insurance. Hard to argue with that. After all, your heirs only see the money from…Read More

  6. Because You Have To Have Health Insurance, Car Insurance, And Home Insurance…

      Insurance has become a way of life. Not only for those of us who sell it, but for everyone, every day. Why are we required to have all of this insurance, anyway? Just who is it protecting, and is it really necessary that we have all of this insurance? Car Insurance - In South Dakota, you are required to have auto insurance that covers the following: liability coverage (insurance that covers…Read More

  7. Home Insurance In Rapid City: The Biggest Bargain In Insurance

    Because home insurance is something that is required by just about every home loan you’ll ever have, it’s easy to forget just why it’s necessary. After all, houses are sturdy and last for decades, so it’s hard to imagine that they might some day be damaged or destroyed. So what kind of home insurance is important to have here in Rapid City, SD? Flooding: Rapid City was named for Rapid Cree…Read More

  8. Making Home, Life, Health, And Car Insurance Easy, Because You’re Our Neighbors!

    Welcome to the new Black Hills Insurance Agency website. We hope that all of the information you find here is helpful in starting your search for insurance, whether it’s health insurance, homeowners insurance, or if you’re just looking for car insurance quotes. It’s becoming more and more a requirement in today’s world to have insurance. When you have a mortgage, you must have insurance in…Read More