1. I Made A Claim On My Homeowner’s Insurance…Will My Rates Go Up?

       We’ve talked before about the many reasons you might see an increase in your homeowners insurance quotes. The ones we talked about are pretty common, including natural disasters in other parts of the country, claims by your neighbors, and basic inflation. But those aren’t the only things that will affect your home insurance rates. Here are a few more changes that could cause you to se…Read More

  2. 3 Reasons  Homeowners Insurance Rates Go Up (Even When You Don’t Make A Claim)

      Whether you pay your home insurance every year in one lump sum or have it taken out via escrow every month with your mortgage, you’ve probably noticed that it tends to go up a little year after year. But why? If you haven’t made a claim, why is there an increase. Are the insurance companies simply trying to make more and more money? Not always. There are usually forces in play that are …Read More

  3. Four Types Of Collectibles That Are Going To Need A Home Insurance Rider

        We recently talked about the types of homeowners insurance riders that you might need for stuff around your house, stuff you might not realize isn’t covered. Now let’s talk about some collectibles that will probably also need a rider if you want them covered. Artwork: You took the painting from your great-grandmother's house to Antiques Roadshow and found out that it’s a piece …Read More

  4. 6 Types Of Property You’ll Probably Need A Homeowners Insurance Rider For

      One of our first blogs was about how good a deal home insurance is. After all, you’re covering your incredibly expensive home and most of the articles inside for a relatively small amount every year. It’s certainly the type of insurance that most people see the most return on if something should ever go horribly wrong. But not everything is covered, because not everyone has the same stu…Read More

  5. 3 Surprising Things That Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Quotes

      We’ve talked before about some of the determiners that will affect your homeowners insurance quotes. But it goes even deeper than that. Here are a few more things that can determine how much you’ll be paying. Having A Firehouse Nearby — Ever since electricity replaced open flames as the main source of light and heat, fires aren’t nearly the concern they were 150 years ago. But when …Read More

  6. Specific Terms You Might Hear When You’re Investigating Home Insurance

    We’ve talked before about general terms that are used throughout the insurance industry and about specific terms you might hear when looking for auto insurance. So what about home insurance, aka homeowners insurance? No surprise that there are some terms that you’ll usually only head when talking about a house. Inflation protection: Your car depreciates. Most of the stuff in your home is worth…Read More

  7. Water Is Almost Always A Rider On Your Homeowners Insurance

    We’ve talked about the Black Hills Flood back in 1972, when the Rapid Creek flooded and took over 1300 homes. While much has been done to prevent that from happening again, it’s not just the water from an overflowing river that you have to worry about. Water can come from many places, including: Burst pipes - Does it get cold in Rapid City? Silly question, right? If your heat goes out, you mig…Read More

  8. Why We’ve Been In The Home, Car, and Health Insurance Industry For Over 65 years

      Here’s something that’s no secret...there’s more than one place to buy insurance in Rapid City. Sure, we’d like to be the only place in town and have all 75,000 people as customers, but we’re also firm believes in the idea that competition is a good thing that strengthens competing businesses. In our 65 years (Maguire family owned since 1949) we’ve seen a lot of insurance compan…Read More

  9. Let’s Have Some Fun…3 Weird Types Of Home Insurance That People Routinely Buy

      We deal with the same types of insurance every day, and sometimes it’s fun to take a look at some of the weirder policies that people have purchased. We’ll, weird to you, but we’re sure they were perfectly normal for those who bought them. Haunted House Insurance: We’re talking about the haunted houses that spring up every fall and cater to the Halloween crowd. Each year they get sc…Read More

  10. The Advantage Of Having An Independent Insurance Agent Like Us For Your Car And Home Insurance

      Imagine this — you’re in the market for a new laptop. You’ve got your heart set on a new Dell or HP, or maybe a Samsung. You want to go somewhere where you’ll have a variety of choices. Some place where you can see all of them side-by-side. Then you walk into an Apple Store. Are they going to sell you any of those other brands? Even if those other brands would fit your needs better?…Read More