1. Are Car Insurance And Homeowners Insurance Getting More Expensive?

      We often get this question (usually from someone over 40) that goes like this: “Why is my homeowners insurance getting so expensive. And why is car insurance more than ever before?” Inflation: Here the easy answer. Someone who’s been buying homeowners or auto insurance for 30 years will have certainly see an increase. That’s because $500 in 1985 dollars is worth about $1000 in today…Read More

  2. Why Homeowners Insurance Claims Are Always So Much More Than You Might Imagine

      If you’ve never made a claim on your homeowners insurance, you might be surprised the first time you do. Not only at how smoothly things go (we’ll help to facilitate that) but also at just how much the carrier is paying to make the repairs to your home. This is because the problem that you have...whether it’s a burst pipe, a fire, or hail damage...affects so much more in your home tha…Read More

  3. 4 More Things That Affect Your Home Insurance Rates

    We talked before about the most common things that affect your home insurance rates. These included the type of house you have, the age of it, and where your home is, such as whether it has adequate access to fire protection services and if it’s in an area where something is more likely to happen to it. Those aren’t the only aspects that determine how your home insurances quotes will be determ…Read More

  4. 3 Things That Affects Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

      When you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you might be wondering what the different factors are that determine what your rates are going to be. Here are three of the top reasons that might affect your rates. Construction of your home - What’s more flammable, wood or stone? Yep, the bones of your home matter when you’re looking at home insurance quotes. Once a house with a wooden f…Read More

  5. Special Riders That You Can Get On Your Homeowners Insurance

    Not all homeowners insurance are created equal. While there are the basics that are carried — fire, theft, and most weather — there are certain riders that can be added depending on what you want covered. Flood and Earthquake: There aren’t really many fault lines to worry about here in South Dakota. While we might feel huge ones from other parts of the country, it isn’t likely we’d feel …Read More

  6. Ways Your Homeowners Insurance Can Cover You That You Might Not Think Of

      Having home insurance is a necessity. While you technically own the house, the mortgage lender isn’t going to loan it to you if they know the asset could burn down tomorrow. And while they could sue you for the cost of your remaining mortgage, it’s unlikely they’d ever see any of it as you try to piece your life back together. So while we’ve talked before about some of the more comm…Read More

  7. Because You Have To Have Health Insurance, Car Insurance, And Home Insurance…

      Insurance has become a way of life. Not only for those of us who sell it, but for everyone, every day. Why are we required to have all of this insurance, anyway? Just who is it protecting, and is it really necessary that we have all of this insurance? Car Insurance - In South Dakota, you are required to have auto insurance that covers the following: liability coverage (insurance that covers…Read More