1. Why Would You Ever Need Short Term Health Insurance?

      Short term health insurance is pretty much just what it sounds like. It’s a fixed-length plan that will completely terminate at the end of the coverage period, so there are definite downsides. But there are times when it is an absolute necessity. Who uses it: Short term health insurance is usually used by people who are losing their employer-based health insurance, either because they los…Read More

  2. Three Terms That You’ll Almost Never Hear Except When Talking About Health Insurance

    Every type of insurance shares some common terms: deductible, premium, co-pay. But when it comes to homeowners insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance, each has specific terms that you’ll hear only when talking about those types of insurance. Here are some terms you’ll mostly only hear when talking about health insurance. Dependent - Your dependents aren’t driving, so…Read More

  3. Why We’ve Been In The Home, Car, and Health Insurance Industry For Over 65 years

      Here’s something that’s no secret...there’s more than one place to buy insurance in Rapid City. Sure, we’d like to be the only place in town and have all 75,000 people as customers, but we’re also firm believes in the idea that competition is a good thing that strengthens competing businesses. In our 65 years (Maguire family owned since 1949) we’ve seen a lot of insurance compan…Read More

  4. Why You Don’t Need Health Insurance From Your Employer

      It’s a strange situation we’ve found ourselves in. For some reason, health care became linked to employment, which is weird. After all, you don’t get your auto insurance or homeowners insurance through your employer. Here at Black Hills Insurance, we’re getting more and more people coming in asking about our private health insurance plans. We’re happy to be the bridge to many heal…Read More

  5. Because You Have To Have Health Insurance, Car Insurance, And Home Insurance…

      Insurance has become a way of life. Not only for those of us who sell it, but for everyone, every day. Why are we required to have all of this insurance, anyway? Just who is it protecting, and is it really necessary that we have all of this insurance? Car Insurance - In South Dakota, you are required to have auto insurance that covers the following: liability coverage (insurance that covers…Read More